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The Tiger Woods Syndrome by Doctors Bruns and RIchards - Publisher HCL BooksBULLETIN!
Eddie Kritzer announces the sale of “The Tiger Woods Syndrome” by Psychiatrist Dr. J.R. Bruns & Dr. Rick Richards to HCI Books, publishers of “The Chicken Soup for The Soul“ Series, the best selling book series in the history of Publishing. Read the Ventura County Star's write-up about the popularity of the book at the July 17th 2010 Ventura Book Festival.

ON-GOING!  Rockline is believed to be the longest running uninterrupted radio show in Rock history. For over 28 years, this awesome program has been bringing you the most compelling Rock Stars in history, from Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, George Harrison and Mick Jagger to Linkin Park.

JUST RELEASED!  "The Nuremberg Interviews." A film about the recently uncovered interviews by American Psychiatrist, Dr. Leonard Goldensohn, of the Nazi Leaders who orchestrated the mass murder of six million Jews, as well as millions of others. (Currently being shown in Europe, awaiting U.S. distribution.)

Photo: Nicole KIdman with child star Eric BenjaminANNOUNCED!  Eddie Kritzer Productions has obtained the literary rights to "My Movie with Nicole Kidman," a behind the scenes look at what it's really like to star in a major motion picture alongside superstar actor Nicole Kidman (seen hugging child star Eric Benjamin on the set of "The Invasion"). Written by Eric Benjamin ("Gene") and his Manager/Father Lyle Benjamin. www.AuditionsEtc.com

SOLD! The Eve of Destruction - by Barry Broad (Seven Locks Press).

SOLD! The Pratical Patient - by Dr. Tom Yi to Seven Locks Press - a realistic approach to choosing your doctor.

SOLD! Kids Say The Darndest Things, Ten Sped Press, written by TV Icon Art Linkletter. For fifty years this has been the bible of kids saying the darndest things.

SOLD! The Making of a Surgeon in The 21st Century - to Blue Dolphin Press - the compelling story of training a surgeon.

SOLD! GMen & Gangsters - to Seven Locks Press - Dominic Spinale's gritty account of the FBI's #2 'Most Wanted' gangster's life.

SOLD! Saving Money with The TIghtwad Twins - Health Communications, publishers of the Chicken Soup series.

ANNOUNCED! by Nick@Nite: a script commitment for new episodes of "Kids Say The Darndest Things." Eddie Kritzer, Producer and Art Linkletter seeking a high visibility host to replace Bill Cosby for the show. Variety.com article.

Photo: Eddie Kritzer with Christina Aguilera as Fetish Cosmetics SpokespersonChristina Aguilera signs on as Fetish Cosmetics spokesperson.
Eddie secured Christina for New Dana, Fetish owners, in a multi-million dollar deal.
Press Release

Photo: Eddie Kritzer, Art Linkletter, Bill Cosby, from the television show Kids SayThe Darndest Things

On Wednesday May 26th, Art Linkletter, my partner of the last 15 years passed away in his home in Bel-Air, California. I am deeply saddned and have lost a great friend and business partner.

Art Linkletter was the Oprah of the 50's & 60's.

At his peak, he had shows on all three networks: ABC's "Life with Linkletter," CBS's "Art Linkletter's House Party," his feature, called "Art & The Kids" (not "Kids Say The Darndest Things," that was from his book of the same title published by Prentice Hall) and NBC's "People Are Funny."

I also placed "Kids Say The Darndest Things" as a weekly column in The National Enquirer, and it ran for four years.

The book "Kids Say The Darndest Things" was one of the Top 15 Best Sellers of all time. "House Party" bowed on radio, and Art got the idea when his son Jack came home and Art said how did you like school, and Jack said, "I'm not going back. I can't read, I can't write, and they won't let me talk."

I became partners with him when I had a meeting with him in his Beverly Hills office. One hour later, I became his partner, and he invited me to workout of his Beverly Hills office.

Art and I met with Les Moonves, Chairman of CBS (who was my development executive on a TV Movie I was developing at 20th Century Fox).

Les told us "Get Bill Cosby and we'll give you an order for a special, Bill was a giant fan of Art Linkletter, and he agreed. The show ran as a series of specials, and then on Friday nights for three years on CBS.

Art Linkletter and I had a meeting with Ringo Starr at Art's house and RIngo was going to become the new host to replace Bill Cosby, and that still may happen.


Photo: Eddie Kritzer and Bill Cosby on the set of Kids Say The Darndest ThingsCBS's hit family values comedy show 'KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS' starring Bill Cosby and Art Linkletter on CBS for 3 years may now be re-ordered as a series of specials. Earlier specials were very successful and formed the basis of this hit series.

(Photo at right of Eddie and Bill Cosby on the set.)


Photo: Eddie Kritzer in his office in CaliforniaEddie reviewing a script at his California office.


G-men & Gangsters is in development as a feature at Mandeville Films,* and we are currently looking for name writers to bring this compelling true story to life with a compelling script.
Mandeville Films is based out of Disney Studios and has made such films as Steve Martin's "Bringing Down The House," "Raising Helen," and the TV show "Monk on USA," and many others.

Magic Johnson partners with Eddie Kritzer in the development of the screenplay "The Ghostwriter."

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