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Who's Behind Eddie Kritzer Productions?

Eddie Kritzer Productions (EKP) is owned and operated by Eddie Kritzer, producer. Mr. Kritzer is a veteran radio, video and TV network movie creator, and a producer of screenplays. He is in contact with all the major studios and has had a development deal with Disney Studios.

Mr. Kritzer secured Grammy Award winning artist Christina Aguilera for New Dana Perfume. In a bold move New Dana Perfume teamed with Christina to create an instant brand name for their perfume and cosmetics line, FETISH. New Dana was able to reach the 100 million dollar mark in retail sales with the superstar Grammy winning artist promoting 'FETISH by CHRISTINA AGUILERA'.

Mr. Kritzer along with Budd Friedman created the concept of the Fox Television's AMERICAN COMEDY AWARDS (previously on ABC TV). Mr. Kritzer and Mr. Friedman also created the AMERICAN COMEDY CONVENTION, which ran at the Riviera in Las Vegas for 2 years. He executive-produced NBC-TV's "False Witness," starring Phylicia Rashad and Philip Michael Thomas from Miami Vice. For the USA Network, Mr. Kritzer executive-produced "Shattered - if Your Kid's On Drugs," starring Burt Reynolds and Judd Nelson. The movie went on to became a #1 video. Other #1 videos EKP has packaged include "Callanetics" (#1 for 242 weeks); and Jennie Garth's "Body In Progress Exercizer" (#1 for one week).

Eddie Kritzer created the radio show Rockline. Live by satellite, it's Billboard's number one rock radiio show seven years in a row. At 28 years on the air, it's the longest running Rock Radio Show In history.. Other EKP readio credits include HOW DO THEY DO THAT? starring Ed McMahon, and HITS OF BEVERLY HILLS 90210, the Radio Special starring Tori Spelling.

Mr. Kritzer partnered with Art Linkletter and brought back KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS as a network special. KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS starring Art Linkletter was broadcast May 16, 1997 and garnered an 11.2 rating and a 22 share, CBS's highest rated show in that time period since 1995. The second special broadcast, on November 14th won its period again with a 13.2 rating and 22 share, the highest rated show for CBS in that time period since the 1994 "Miss Universe Special." CBS ordered 12 more shows as a mid-season replacement. The eleven shows that have aired all won their time period and were CBS's highest rated show on Friday nights. CBS ordered 22 shows for the 1998-99 season.

KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS had it's third season on CBS in 1999 -2000. Eddie Kritzer placed the show in Paris where it premiered on French TV. KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS, the board game hit the market during Christmas 1999. Also added to Mr. Kritzer's credits, "ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE TOO, on the PAXNET Network.

Eddie Kritzer negotiated a weekly column in the National Enquirer for Art Linkletter. The column, with a readership of 10 million every week, ran for over a year.

Eddie Kritzer Productions has the feature script MALL CRAZY in development, the very funny and wild story of a black Jim Carrey type and his teen age friends and their wild adventures in the local mall, a project acquired through the LiteraryAgent.Com web site.

EKP has also optioned "A Season in The Heartland," the story of a New York sportscaster who, fired from his high powered TV job, decided to relocate to Kansas. He became the coach of a high school team and worked with the only African American girl in the school, eventually taking the team to the state championship. Mr. Kritzer is partners in this project with Robert Wachs, who produced BEVERLY HILLS COP I and II and "Coming to America" with Eddie Murphy.