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Eddie Kritzer Productions is actively seeking compelling screenplays and manuscripts for immediate consideration.

Eddie Kritzer is the Creator, Producer, Executive Producer, Executive Consultant, or Packager of such shows as:

#1 ROCK AROUND THE WORLD the number one Radio Show of the 70's
#1 ROCKLINE Live by satellite, it's BILLBOARD's number one rock radiio show seven years in a row. At 28 years on the air, it's the longest running Rock Radio Show In history!
#1 CALLANETICS MCA VIDEO BILLBOARD'S #1 242 weeks in row (5 years)
#1 JENNIE GARTH EXERCISE VIDEO #1 One Week Entertainment Weekly
#1 SHATTERED IF YOUR KIDS ON DRUGS USA NETWORK MOVIE starring Burt Reynolds and Judd Nelson, when released on video #1 MCA VIDEO eight weeks in a row

CBS's 'KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS' starring Art Linkletter

Executive Consultant for Art Linkletter's Biography show on the A&E Network

GROSS JOKES produced from the best-selling book for Playboy Channel and Universal Home Video

Comedy Central's COMEDY AWARDS - previously on ABC and Fox

NBC'S - Movie of the Week, "False Witness" with Phylicia Rashad and Philip Michael Thomas

Founder of the GLOBAL SATELLITE NETWORK - now part of the AM/FM Clear Channel Group

NBC's Radio HOW DO THEY DO THAT? starring Ed McMahon

HITS OF BEVERLY HILLS 90210, radio special starring Tori Spelling

"Nuremberg Interviews," a film about the recently uncovered interviews by Dr. Leonard Goldensohn of the Nazi Leaders who orchestrated the mass murder of six million Jews as well as millions of others. (Currently being shown in Europe, awaiting U.S. distribution)

Produced and executive produced numerous live radio concerts for ROCKLINE and many other networks including JOE WALSH, TOM PETTY, SUPERTRAMP, GREG KHIN, CROSBY STILLS & NASH

ROCKLINE is believed to be the longest running uninterrupted radio show in Rock history. For over 28 years this awesome program has been bringing you the most compelling Rock Stars in history, from Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, George Harrison, and Mick Jagger to Linkin Park

and many more.