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Eddie Kritzer Productions is actively seeking compelling screenplays and manuscripts for immediate consideration.

Eddie Kritzer Productions Policies and Procedures

Eddie Kritzer Productions is currently accepting solicited scripts and manuscripts from new, previously unpublished and experienced authors.

Please, no electronic submissions or samples - queries only. We do not download material. YOU MUST QUERY US FIRST. Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts or screenplays; we will contact you if we are interested.

Areas of specialization include: film/cinema/stage; non-fiction/fiction in all categories and genres. EKP is interested in manuscripts and screenplays in these areas. We are also looking for ideas for TV specials, series and TV movies of the week.

Again, very important, you must send a query first.

To submit your manuscript or screenplay after we respond to your query, please send a cover letter, author's bio, and outline. The manuscript or screenplay must be typewritten or laser printed, with no hand-written corrections. Please send only copies, no originals. Photographs should also be copies.

All material is recycled, no materials are returned.

Please do not place phone calls to the office inquiring if your manuscript or screenplay has been received. We are unable to answer calls of this nature due to the high volume of mail we receive. Good Luck!

Mail to:
EKP Productions
1112 Montana Avenue, Ste. 449
Santa Monica, CA 90403