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Eddie Kritzer Productions is actively seeking compelling screenplays and manuscripts for immediate consideration.

Areas of specialization include:Manuscripts and Screenplays, literary agent option pitch

Film - Cinema - Stage
Manuscripts and Screenplays, literary agent option pitch

Eddie Kritzer prefers non-fiction and true stories but will look at other compelling genres.

Eddie Kritzer Productions is also looking to develop:

* TV specials

* Series

* TV movies of the week

Our agency is seeking writers or individuals that have a compelling story to tell. If you have a story that you believe in, and you can‘t believe it's not at your local Barnes & Noble or in Theaters, email a synopsis of your story in one or two paragraphs for review.

Please supply your contact information including full name, day phone and email address.

Queries by email first:
Eddie Kritzer

Additionally, let us know:
1. if you have a completed manuscript or script
2. the number of pages
3. it is still under development, and
4. whether you need assistance with the writing or editing

Please feel free to Contact Us.

We look forward to reviewing your work.

Please note that although you could make $5,000, $25,000, $125,000, depending on your story and how it connects with the public, there is no guarantee that you will make it. The amount you make depends on the royalty you earn from books sales, or on the sale of your script. Our agency works on a commission basis, where we receive 15% off the gross (total) amount you earn.

Please do not send complete manuscripts or scripts by mail.